The Amazing L’s turn 3!

Today was one of those fabulous days that you enjoy simply for the ease with which happiness surrounds you.  Today we celebrated the L’s turning 3 a few days ago with a reunion of many of the pups from the litter!

Can you guess who’s who?

Liam and Lyric having their own reunion and catching up!  They give a big shout out to their handlers at Stanley!!

I loved how the celebration encompassed a wide range of what I love best about my involvement-a group of people that believe in the power of the canine heart and that it is possible to create a bond between one person and one dog so seamlessly that you forget what it was like when they hadn’t yet been matched, and a group of dogs that love every moment of life and the people they are surrounded by!  There were puppy raisers, long term fosters, whelping homes, breeding fosters, adoptive families and clients all in the same room celebrating the same thing-the fact that these dogs change lives!

No pup birthday would be complete without some Pupcakes from their Mama Sugar!

And the dogs; Miss Sugar the mama, and 4 of her pups.  What they have seen in the last 3 years is astonishing when you think about it.  They’ve lived in many environments and homes.  Some of them spent some of their training time in a prison program where they adapted to one environment, and then on to a home where they adapted to another.  Then they went in for final training, foster homes, and at last their final home.

Mark reading a birthday letter from one of the inmate handlers at Stanley.  A great reminder that it takes many hands to get a service dog in training from birth to client!

Liam, Lyric, Linus and Lola were the ones present and they represent 2 client families, 1 adoptive/career changed family, and a breeder host family! Sugar’s litters of pups have always represented almost every facet of the organization and this litter was no exception!

Liam loves to help Mary get the things she needs, Lyric enjoys his family and going to outdoor sporting events in the summer, Linus takes great care of his boy Gage, and Lola is a mama herself and has had two beautiful litters of pups to the assistance dog program!

They were so fun to be around and they had an incredible time playing with their siblings and mom.  Of course, the humans in the room were having just as much fun watching them and we all enjoyed their happy faces and their light spirits!

“Did someone say TREAT??????”

The pups and mama got to enjoy some pup cakes and photos to commemorate the occasion, with the hopes that someday in the near future we can come together again so we can remember the simple joys of just being.

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