Day 1 of Puppyhood

Today is our first day at home with the puppies.  All of them seem to be doing great with the exception of Miss White who is a little sluggish and doesn’t seem to be eating as frequently as her siblings.  While this can just be a typical part of the daily growing process, I will watch her carefully and make sure that she is getting the first opportunity to nurse.  In addition, I will keep a close eye on her weight to make sure that she is gaining adequately every morning and evening.

Whelping puppies for a non-profit service dog organization is different than being a breeding home.  There are a variety of processes and procedures that have been established to insure the best possible outcome for these puppies.  Whelping homes maintain daily contact with the breeding coordinator and we discuss every minute detail of the puppies and the mom-their growth, their behavior, their personalities and the recovery of Sugar after delivery…..and I will love every minute of it!

Today is the first day of lack of sleep, stress about making sure the puppies are healthy, worrying about Sugar to make sure she adequately recovers after her c-section, and the many other unexpected things that may come up along the way.  This journey isn’t always easy, but knowing that these puppies are meant to be with a person who doesn’t even know them yet and will change their lives in unimaginable ways makes the journey one of excitement and anticipation!  This journey will fuel me and hopefully allow me to appreciate every moment of their beautiful growth!

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