Day 4-Friday, November 18th

We are hopeful that the IV fluids given to Sugar yesterday are going to do their magic and make her feel better, giving her system an opportunity to recover.

Today we continue to add things to the puppy regimen; nail trims so that they don’t scratch Sugar’s stomach and increase chances of infection and putting a few more items into the whelping box to increase their opportunities to crawl over, under, through and on them for muscle building/problem solving skills.  They are a beautiful bunch of pups and Sugar is so extremely attentive to their needs that she keeps trying to stay in the whelping box even if it’s dinner time or she needs to go outside!

Some of the things that we do daily with the puppies and Sugar:
* Weights twice a day to make sure they are making adequate growth progress and there are no signs of illness
* Daily updates to the Breeding Coordinator
* Changing of the whelping box liner, padding and beds
* Taking Sugars temp to make sure there are no signs of infection
* Keeping an eye on their feeding schedules, their personalities and their development of critical things like getting around the whelping box adequately, any signs of illness (coughs, sniffles, etc.) and checking where they are in the process of opening their eyes which typically happens at 6-10 days
* Get Sugar her necessary meds which seem to be increasing lately….
* Keeping a journal of all of the details for any future litters Sugar may have so we know what to watch for, signs of problems, dosage of medications that work for her etc.  This is also helpful for other whelping homes because if they encounter the same thing with their litter then there is maybe a solution waiting in the notes from someone else!
* Pictures!!! Lots and lots of pictures, which some of them are used to update fellow volunteers on a closed facebook page so that they can follow along with the litter and share in the joy and excitement of more puppies that will be joining the program!  This is really important because we are a community of volunteers and we count on each other for support and to share in our successes, failures, good times and bad to continue this journey that we are so passionate about!

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