Day 16-Thinking Outside of the Box

Well, I knew it was coming-I just didn’t know when.  Today was the day that Miss Purple figured out that there was a doorway that she could go through to get out of the box!  I don’t know if it’s mere coincidence or if it has anything to do with the fact that their eyes are now open, but now it’s time to put the door panels on all of the time instead of occasionally 🙂  For some reason in my mind I had figured it would be closer to 3 weeks when they figured that little nugget of information out. They must be thinking that things are getting too chaos free in this house, so they had to up the ante a little bit!

So, now is the time where things get fun and interesting!  They are starting to  react to when I go in the box, and they are getting better at walking, they are just beginning to play with their littermates, and they are starting to determine what it is they want.  Pretty soon they will be clamoring at the whelping box door when they hear someone so they can explore their world at large!  I can’t believe we are already at that stage in the game, and although I know there is a lot of work ahead I can’t help but be excited for the cuteness that will be overflowing in that box in just a few days! Every morning is like Christmas morning as a kid, waiting to see the treasures that awaited me in my stocking!

They have received their first dose of worming medication, which went MUCH better than the first litter that I had!  This medicine I guess tastes better so they really didn’t fuss at all when I gave it to them. That’s great news since we have three more sets of the medication to give to them 🙂

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I can’t wait to see!



Weigh in time!




Obviously not stressful for him if he can fall asleep in a basket on his back….


They all love resting their heads on an elevated surface!


Sugar continues to be a rockstar mom!




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