Day 22-Clean, Play, Feed, Repeat

Ken’s Day of learning on Monday what whelping is REALLY about …….

So I get day one under the belt and think I have this thing down. Now comes day 2 which is also a work day for me and I am at home working and watching over the puppies. Sorry, wrong order… watching over the puppies and trying to get work done.

It seems like I get into a groove getting some work done and then something else needs to be done. Remember: Priority 1–Puppies & Sugar Stop working, take care of the dogs. Now back to work but it takes me 15 minutes to figure out where I left off and then it is back to the dogs again…. repeat this all day. The schedule, Sugar eats and then feeds the puppies every 3 hours, then we have to throw in puppy play time, Sugar bathroom breaks, cleaning out the pen, washing the dirty potty pads in the pen, more play time and keeping the house clean. I am not sure if I got any work done but I do know that I still have 7 puppies and a Sugar momma. The puppies are gaining weight as well as attitude. I consider this to be successful.

Puppy play time is the most fun as all 7 of them are ready to greet you and try to climb all over you as soon as you enter their domain. Found out that I need to keep the door on the pen closed or they will try and escape. 

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