Day 32-Bark! Who goes there?

Today the puppies are continuing to enjoy their constantly changing environment and we are trying to note the personalities of each one.  Green-the first one to actually howl….and I’m not sure why, but Red and Orange are pretty vocal in their wants! They are all developing into their own beautiful personalities!

Part of the desensitization is exposure to many different noises like I posted in a previous blog; so it was a little surprising to me as I that as I was playing holiday music all of a sudden it happened-Little Drummer Boy came on the speaker…….and the puppies started BARKING! I didn’t know what it was about the drum sound so I thought I would test their reaction a few hours later by playing the same song again.  Sure enough, the puppies for whatever reason began to bark. I was speechless for a moment because I felt like I had exposed this litter to EVERYTHING! But when I stopped to really think about it, there are so many things they haven’t yet been exposed to.  Because of this, I have now added “drum sounds” to the list of exposure items for this week!  The list keeps growing, and if I keep up at this pace I will never make it out of the box!!!!


Clamoring to get to Sugar once they heard her!


Happiness at reaching their Momma!

At 4 1/2 weeks they are chewing like crazy, biting my toes, and getting their beautifully new, sharp, teeth in my sweater. Dress up in onesies continues so that they are less likely to be sensitive to a cape on their back-they still aren’t completely comfortable in them, but they get better each day-and the laughs that it provides me while watching them is valuable in keeping my sanity!

And that’s how this volunteer work evolves; you think that you are going to be “babysitting” a litter of puppies, and then before you know it 4 weeks has gone by and you are completely in love and entrenched in the puppy world, and you have to remind yourself frequently that there is a world outside of your house!

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