Day 34-It’s a Slippery Slope…..

That title sounds like the beginning of a bad conversation, but in the case of puppies, it’s all happy and only describing their new enrichment toy added to their play area today-a slide!


Today, it was all about staying warm in the -20 degree weather, having fun and learning some new confidence!  They checked it out with intense excitement as it came over the x-pen, and then they weren’t quite sure what to do with it, but after a short investigation period they started tackling the task at hand and trying to figure out how to use it:)  It was funny to watch them problem solve which way to go up, whether they really wanted to go up, and how to get back down once they got up!!!

At this point now they have a ramp, a wobble board, a slide, a fun pvc toy with household items dangling from it……..and tomorrow will bring a tunnel and some other experiences!

Play puppies, PLAY!

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