Day 37-It’s a Dog’s Life!

Today the puppies got some more enrichment added to their daily schedule, including a brief trip outside to touch their toes on the grass and they got to play in the snow which I brought in by shovel full to place in their wading pool.( That was AFTER my first attempt at bringing the snow in where I tripped and the snow went flying all over my front entry….)  At this point I’m convinced the neighbors think I am absolutely crazy as they watch me scoop up a shovels of snow and then proceed to carry it in the house…….

This is what it looks like when you try to bring in shovels of snow and you trip in the entrance coming in……..I think Sugar had to stifle a laugh under her breath watching me and my crazy ideas…….


Why am I NOT surprised that Mr. Red is the first to jump head first into the new environment without even thinking twice????? And Ms. White (black collar) quietly waits to see how everyone else reacts before making the decision as to whether she wants to participate…….


Yet one more experience that they weren’t afraid of!


I think Sugar is ready to sell me to the highest (or any) bidder because I keep bringing her puppies into things……Notice her frustration in the background???? 🙂

Sugar was not amused with my idea to bring the puppies outside for a brief 20 second encounter without her….her disgust/concern is evident on her face:)

Yellow immediately did a hound dog nose to the ground search…..tail up and ready to find the scent!

Purple was not interested in checking out the new environment:) Check out her stance and her tail tucked…..

The noses on these puppies seems to be much more intense than the puppies from the first litter.  I will be very curious to see if this trait continues on through puppy hood and how that sense will be utilized for the Can Do program or for the other organization. And of course it wouldn’t be a successful day if I didn’t TRY to find some way to dress the puppies up for pictures, so I bought some mini Santa hats, waited for their next nap time and then went to work…….

And as quickly as it started, another day is coming to a close-they are a day older, and I am still loving every minute of puppy antics!!!!! I won the puppy lottery, but the good news is that I am happy to share the wealth for visitors wishing to come and help socialize the pups:)

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