Day 41-Learning to Separate from Mom….

We’ve had a busy household with the holidays, and in typical puppy fashion the L litter has decided it was time for lots of new learning opportunities!

Today they started to get the opportunity to “free explore” the house and to get outside of their comfort zone.  It was so much fun to see how they tentatively approached the “unexplored” space tentatively and then when Sugar went with them how they became bold and brave and looked like they would tackle the world!

Some of their development milestones:

  • Sugar has been weaning them for a little over a week and she is now only in there twice a day other than playtime.  The puppies are NOT happy about this development and they are vocal in their displeasure!
  • Late last week they bumped up to three full meals of regular puppy food a day!  They originally were at one, then an afternoon meal was added and now the dinner meal has been added. 1/2 cup for each of them at each meal means 10 1/2 cups of food every day for them, along with 6 cups for Sugar means we are going thru over 16 cups of food a day! And that’s only for a litter of 7!!!!!! Yikes!
  • Their activity level has soared and they don’t do ANYTHING in slow motion anymore!  Trying to get shots of them with my camera is nearly impossible as I only catch a blur of them going by….
  • They love the visitors that come to see them!  They can’t get enough of playing with them (or chewing and biting on them……)
  • They are great at sleeping through the night now from 11:30 to 6:30 am and they are anxiously waiting at the gate when I come around the corner and as soon as they see me go by they start whining for their morning meal!
  • They are in the 10.4-12.8 pound range already and they are only 6 weeks old!  Some of their paws seem very big, so I’m guessing some of these boys are going to be some big labs!
  • Since they don’t nurse as much they are going through water like it’s going out of style~it seems like as soon as I fill the water bowl, it’s empty and I do it all over again…….although I think they spill just as much as they are drinking so that they can keep me doing laundry…… 🙂
  • They are getting a little feisty with Sugar and she is taking the time to let them know what is appropriate for a puppy and what is not. She does a perfect Canine “Settle” which is impressive- I’m still a little amazed at how much she tolerates before she gently corrects them.  I know when they get my toe in their sharp little puppy teeth I don’t feel like that……..



Friends in the neighborhood came over to help with evening exercises, nail filing, and socialization!



We are getting down to the final week that they are with us and there is so much more to do in only a short period of time~I’m finalizing my weekly plan so that I can try to fit everything in that I want to experience with them before they leave us. So, this is the week they continue with potty training, noise desensitization, learning about new environments, checking out the snow, and starting some regular light obedience training to try to get some initial training with sit, what a leash feels like,sit, settle, come and  a few more car rides, more cape training and onesies and the list goes on and on……

Let the good times roll!!!!!!


Can you guess who this is?


Mr. Red with his handsome face!



Yellow finding the tightest space possible to nap….


Red finally succumbing to exhaustion….



family friends stopping in to visit the litter and help socialize them!

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