The Night Before Leaving, and All Through the House……


The night before leaving and all through the house,
The puppies were stirring, destroying the house,
The playing was loud, the play fighting intense,
Each of the pups worked to create their defense.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
but torn up duct tape that neglected to adhere,
to the flooring they thought was their best new toy,
And they ripped, chewed and tore at it with a new sense of joy.

They are 7 weeks old,
with their  journey to begin,
and I take joy in their new path
which brings back my big grin.

For letting them go,
so very tough for the soul,
but helping them become
the very best is the goal.

Because some day I will see,
the effects of this time
and I am the one that will know
how steep was the climb

To start from a pup,
that didn’t walk, hear or see,
with a desire and a passion
to make them all they could be.

They gave me their best,
and I gave them mine,
so others could see,
how one day they would shine.

They will change someone’s life
although that person doesn’t know
the gifts that one pup
alone can bestow.

So watch these gifts of life,
to see what they achieve
and you too will take pride,
because they make you believe.

That life has surprises,
fresh, big and new
if you choose to make a difference,
the best comes back to you.

Good Luck to the beautiful, precocious, fun, sweet and loving L litter! I can’t wait to see the lives you change, the love you give, and the difference you make!!!! I’m going to miss you!!!






4 thoughts on “The Night Before Leaving, and All Through the House……

  1. Susan Garnett-Thomas says:

    Oh those beautiful faces. I can’t wait to hear how they are doing and see what they each become. Thank you for the blog, it was such fun following their development.


  2. Beth says:

    Readind these blogs have given myself, and everyone else, a glimpse of how lucky we are to have you in this world. What you are doing by raising 7 service dogs does not just impact 7 people. For myself, as a recipient of a dog almost 7 years ago, that gift not only changed my life but my children’s, my friend’s and a lot of other people’s as well. You have started a beautiful thing and I thank you for allowing us to follow along. My thoughts are with you on what must be a difficult day.


    • hollys1214 says:

      Thanks Beth for reminding me of the impact these perfect pups have on others!!! It gives me great perspective on why this is an amazing volunteer opportunity and that a day or two of sadness with pups leaving is nothing compared to the happiness at being able to have a dog change someone’s life forever! As I told Mark when he was filming them leaving today-“The tears today are for me; but when I see them walk across that stage with their person at graduation, knowing the dog will change their lives in unimaginable ways, then the tears I shed THAT day will be tears of joy for both the puppy I remember fondly as well as their person that they will cherish.” Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?:)


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