Day 12-Developing at the Speed of Light! I blinked for what seemed like a moment today and all of a sudden these “kill you with cuteness” puppies decided that crawling was too easy, so they got up and started walking all over the box!!! Mr. Green is the first one today to try to engage in play with a sibling by chewing on another pups paw, and their eyes noticeably continued to darken and they have blinking reflexes! I bet their eyes will be opened by tomorrow morning!!!! Purple is leading the pack and I hope I will get to see her beautiful eyes in just a few hours!

Tomorrow should continue to see more incredible developments!!!!

Miss purple is getting ready to open her eyes and see this big, beautiful world for the very first time!

So many developments today it’s crazy!!!

Sometimes you have to work extra hard to get your mom’s attention!

You can see a whelping box full of obstacles-or opportunities for growth!

The puppies have created their own buddy system, snuggling up in the same pair combinations day after day!

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