Day 19-The Name Game~

Sugar’s litter is officially the “N” litter; all this means is that her puppies will have names beginning with N, but they don’t get their official names yet.  The organization will determine their names when they get closer to the time of going into official training.  So, in the meantime, whelping homes are allowed the opportunity to give the puppies nicknames so that we don’t go around calling them simply by their collar colors!

We get to give these temporary names around the 3-week mark, and since this litter will be three weeks tomorrow it’s time to start calling them by (temporary) names!!!  So here they are! They are officially Lady, Mindy, Roo, Tanner, Jax, Chase and Boomer!

Mr. Orange-Boomer, as he was the biggest pup born and continues to lead the charge in the weight category.  He needed a BIG nickname to go with his size! He’s 2169 grams, approx. 4.75 pounds

Mr. Aqua-Jax, he’s the smallest of the boys at 1937 grams, approx. 4 1/4 pounds

Miss Green-Roo, named after the nickname of our youngest daughter; she is 1956 grams, which is approx. 4.3 pounds

Miss Purple-Mindy, after the nickname of our oldest daughter; she is 1900 grams and the smallest in the litter currently at 1900 grams, approximately a little over 4 pounds

Mr. Blue-Chase: weighing in at 2113 grams, approx.  4.65 pounds

Mr. Red-Tanner; 2123 grams, approx.  4.65 pounds, just like Blue.


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