Day 25-Pups and Personalities!

Today the puppies got another room expansion and we continue to adapt to their needs:). A new enrichment toy was added which will desensitize then to things bridging their back, noises as the items clank together, requiring them to work through obstacles; and the introduction of a grass/turf potty yard for them was added this morning as well!!

Every day brings something new for them to learn or explore, and hopefully all of those opportunities increase their resilience in unfamiliar circumstances as they navigate the journey of an assistance dog in training!

They have also been introduced to various sounds/noises which will make them more startle resistant-city sounds, storms, vehicles on sound Cd’s and the natural edition of trains, planes, automobiles, geese, city street sweepers, horns, etc. brought to them by the beautiful weather that has allowed me to open the windows for noises “a la Carte”!

I can see them building their problem-solving skills as I sit and watch them at a distance. Purple /Mindy has learned that if you want to play with your siblings and they are sleeping, just walk on top of them and bite their ear to get them going; Orange/Boomer has learned that nothing is really stationary if you pull and chew on it vigorously and that the ramp is his favorite place to sleep; Aqua/Jax knows that the only quiet place in their space is the far corner where his siblings can’t find him; Pink/Lady has figured out that if she finds me and gives me her adorable puppy dog eyes that life stops and it’s snuggle time!

Mr. Orange/Boomer is the official “bird dog” of the litter!

I told Ken if I got to convert the living room into the puppies play area then we wouldn’t have to add the office space as their play area……….but then it happened……. 🙂  Seriously, when you look at those faces, how could you NOT give them more space to explore???????

Each of the pups has very distinct personalities, and I have always loved this age because in previous litters I’ve had I see their personality traits continue to follow them into adulthood. Whether they are spunky, quiet, a chewer, playful or a snuggler-they continue with those perfect personalities to bring joy to others !!

From the looks of it, they like their new addition!

Miss Purple/Mindy getting to know her new potty yard space!


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