It’s Perfectly “Logic”al! Another Pup meets his destiny!!!

I’m so excited to see another one of Sugar’s Amazing L’s finding their forever person!!!!

Logic was sent as a young puppy to be part of the Bergin College of Canine Studies. He’s been training there ever since and has been matched with his forever person!!!! I love the look of excitement on her face seeing her new partner!!! (Top 2 photos)

I wasn’t sure Logic as a litter puppy in our home showed the ‘obvious’ personality and behavior traits to make it all the way to graduation, but we all know that greatness takes time! I’m thrilled that time, training and the hearts of volunteers are what turns a puppy into a Champion of Hope!!!!

It’s also amazing to realize the teamwork that goes into making, training, and matching service/assistance dogs! In this case, Sugar started her career with Guiding Eyes in New York; wonderful staff and volunteers worked with her for two years. She then was placed in the breeding program with Can Do where she lived with us as her breeding and whelping foster home. The training continued where I took her to classes when she didn’t have puppies to keep her skills up;

When she had her litters, some were sent to various other organizations through a co-op in the service dog world to enhance the quality of service dogs around the globe. (She has puppies in Asia, California, Vancouver….and Grandpuppies in Hong Kong!)

There were countless other volunteers helping throughout Sugars career including two other fabulous Whelping homes (Sugar says hi to Mamas Dana of the C litter and Julie of the Z litter!), fosters when we were on vacations and the staff that guided her through her pregnancies and delivery with wonderful expertise!!!

And this is how Logic from her 3rd litter ended up at Bergin College of Canine Studies! If this doesn’t epitomize the statement of “it takes a village”, nothing does!

I’m thrilled that Sugar and her Sires (Shout out to Grainger from Guiding Eyes, Sire of the L litter!) made such reliable and wonderful puppies that will be changing lives for years to come!!!
#ChangingLives #MakingADifference

logic meeting partner


National Therapy Animal Day-Sugar makes it look easy!

On this #NationalTherapyAnimalDay , I couldn’t help but give a shout out to an incredible, loving, and beautiful addition to the profession! This is Miss Sugar’s first year as a therapy dog, and by all accounts from the people she visits she’s exceeding all expectations!!! She never ceases to amaze me at every turn and it’s so fun watching how people fall in love with her, which doesn’t surprise me one bit!

Below are some of the beautiful pictures students from two of her classrooms she visits weekly drew and the stories they wrote about her, which melted my heart:). Watching the difference in the kids as soon as she enters the room is magical! Their teacher said that it’s difficult to get them interested in writing, but writing about Sugar is a whole different story!


The kids from the classrooms that Sugar visits were very proud of their latest writings about her!

Sugar writing by students at Hayes

It’s so wonderful seeing how a dog can help a child to read or write!

Sugar brought in bookmarks this month for kids to remind them how important it is to read and last month she gave them trading cards with her photo on it!  The kids (and adults!) in the school seem to really enjoy her visits each week, and Sugar starts whining when we pull into the parking lot.  I think she is just as happy to get in and see them!!!!

Then, when she makes her rounds at her independent living, assisted living and memory care facilities around the cities, I am once again blown away by how she is able to draw them out in one way or another. Staff members try to warn me that a person is “non-verbal”, but to Sugar  this information is meaningless; she approaches and gently does a “visit” on their lap and all of a sudden words form and come out of their mouth about a dog they had growing up, a dog’s name from their past, or a phrase like “good dog”. Some staff will go and get a camera to take a picture so they can tell the family members about it later.  Although it’s only a brief conversation, it still drives home the point that positive triggers for those enduring medical and memory issues can and DOES make a difference!! Sugar then goes over to a gentleman with memory loss and hearing issues, but if I quietly engage him for a few minutes the frustrating memory lapse he is fighting dissipates, his hearing recalibrates, and then he tells me about being a PHD professor at the U of M for 40 years in Animal Science! Shortly after, he starts asking me questions about why dogs do certain things (why do dogs pant? Why do they have eyelashes? Why do their paw pads sweat-what does that mean?), and it all of a sudden dawns on me that he isn’t asking because he doesn’t know-rather he is looking for an opportunity to share his expertise that he has spent a lifetime learning with me-he wants to teach me like he has spent his life teaching others, and those memories are so deeply embedded that it doesn’t take long for them to rise to the top. Next month we will start all over again, and I will watch the same “reawakening” happen and we will start with the same conversation. And yet, I will be just as amazed by the light in their eyes, the slight interactions that tell me they understand, and the gentleness with which Sugar interacts with them.

This is her current job-and I’ve never met a more capable dog in bringing joy, love and life to those she takes pleasure in serving!

This girl continues to change lives in BIG ways!  Way to go Sugar!

Time for Graduation!


Liam when he was just a puppy!


Linus makes a great companion and helper for his boy!

Liam was checking in on his long term foster family for his next directions!

Today was graduation for 16 humans and their heroes, and while I have so many thoughts racing through my mind I find myself returning to the same thoughts over and over again. Why does it never get old to see people reduced to tears over the love of a dog?  Why are we so lucky to understand the bond that exists, and will it ever get easier to say goodbye to someone you’ve loved, trained and shared so many experiences with?

I’m great at asking questions, but sometimes the answers aren’t as easy to find.  What I do know is that many people volunteer for assistance dog organizations because avoiding the hurt of saying goodbye isn’t a good excuse for not stepping up to help in the first place. Volunteers help out organizations because their heart wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t-and sometimes that requires a bit of love, loss and saying goodbye along the way.

I thought today would be easier.  I didn’t have a long term foster graduating. I wasn’t a puppy raiser for any of the dogs graduating.  I was there today as a breeding foster/whelping home, and two of the puppies I had whelped from the L litter were graduating, so I was pretty confident that today was going to be smooth sailing for me.  I woke up this morning with a bit of emotion I wasn’t expecting, but I couldn’t quite explain why.  Originally, the puppies from this litter had started with a little bit more fanfare as they were being filmed for some footage that might be used at a later date for a project.  Then it dawned on me that as the puppies graduate, it marks the passage of time and the changing of circumstances from what I had known to what lies ahead-the unknown.

Watching the pups reunite with their long term fosters was so heartwarming! Their excited tails and licks were greetings that the volunteers longingly wait for after turning the dogs in for final training. Everyone is so excited I think they forget for a moment that today is also the day they say goodbye once again.

I watched with pride as the pups of my heart went up on stage and greeted their human heroes, led by the volunteers who represented a few of the MANY hands that go into the raising, loving, and training of an assistance dog. People think maybe 1, 2, 5, 10 people touch the lives of these pups of purpose, but that is oh so low of a guess! Trying to count the hands that help bring these pups across the stage is endless-and each one who has a part in the success of the pups feels their heart beat a little differently after graduation is complete. Graduation is a ceremony; but it represents a JOURNEY.

And when the graduation was almost complete, and I was breathing a sigh of relief that I made it through without too many tears falling down my cheeks, we were told there was a video and a letter from an inmate handler who had helped raise one of the puppies from my L litter.  I wasn’t sure what was going to be said about the prison program, but what followed was a heartfelt letter from one of Liam’s handlers that talked about the journey he encountered while raising Liam in prison.  The prison programs are an integral part of the puppy raising journey and the dogs learn incredible skills while there.  I always love to hear how the dog programs in prisons are helping the inmate handlers to become a better version of themselves.  The letter was so genuine that I think it took the audience by surprise; and there was barely a dry eye in the place!

These dogs change lives without a doubt.  It’s staggering to think of exactly how many lives they change along the way.  Congratulations to everyone that gets to celebrate the success of these incredible dogs and partnerships!

I wasn’t able to put the video of the letter being read due to it’s long length, but hopefully, you can find it on the Life of Sugar Facebook page at:


New Uniform, New Rules-1st Day of the New Job, Bringing Smiles to Everyone!

As of January 1st, Sugar became a certified therapy dog with Therapy Dogs International and today was our day to have our very first visit!

In November we had a meet and greet with Elementary School staff to make sure that we would be a good fit for their special ed and EBD classrooms.  It seemed like we were exactly what they were looking for to work with the kids, so we started making plans for the visits which will be weekly and started with today’s visit.

sugar in therapy dog bandana

I don’t even iron my OWN clothes, but today it seemed critical for me to steam and iron her outfit, groom her, and make sure she looked stunning for her first day on the job!

Sugar went into the school like she owned the place!  And one of the many great things about the day is that the staff had been informed about her role at the school and I think they distributed photos of her when she did the meet and greet, so when she went in she was already known by staff as they encountered her in the office and hallways. We had the opportunity for some quick learning points to explain the difference between service dogs and therapy dogs and how Sugar was absolutely okay to be pet, which was a LOT of fun for me!

We then visited the two classrooms and the kids immediately fell in love with her!  Even some of the kids that I didn’t think would end up approaching her made their way over to her to give her a soft pat on her head. It was really wonderful to observe the interactions between the kids and Sugar, and just like I’ve had conversations with people about previously, there is something about dogs that they can bring out in people what other humans just are not capable of no matter how hard we try.  It’s really remarkable to watch it happen. And the kids were DEFINITELY not the only ones who enjoyed Sugar’s visit to the school; the teachers that stopped in loved watching her with the kids and were more than happy to offer a pet or two as well! Even the principal made a trip to the classroom to watch Sugar and the kids interacting together!

With her first therapy visit successfully under her belt, it was time to go and visit my mom who is 86 and who LOVES Sugar!  Once again, Sugar evaluated the situation and determined exactly what was needed to make a successful interaction-and she lulled my mom right to sleep!  She didn’t even mind that her front part of her body was on the chair while her back legs stood! I tried getting her to lay on the floor next to the chair, but Sugar quickly let me know that on the floor was just too far away for her plans with my mom!

mom with sugar

Sugar loves my mom and will do just about anything to bring relaxation and comfort to her!

To complete the trifecta of a successful day, we finished it off with her going for a walk with my 2-year-old grandson!  She seemed more than happy to recalibrate once again and gauge her behavior and activity level to the human that she was around.  Just when I think I can’t love her more or appreciate her abilities in a new way, she surprises me!  She is really an amazing companion and she will be able to bring joy to so many through her therapy dog work!  We are already getting calls from other schools, hospice, cancer units, in-home therapy visits, and memory care centers and she will do amazing with all of them!

Way to go, Sugar!

liam taking sugar for a walk

Now, this is a TRUE loose leash test-walking with a 2-year-old and not pulling him down on icy roads!

The Very First Day of the Rest of Their Lives!

Friday was an unimaginable day for me!  It is the day that I got to share in just a SMALL piece of the joy that someone encounters on the very first day that they bring their new life partner home with them! This is the culmination of a Sugar Babies journey!

Whelping homes don’t often get to see the results of the litter they raised up close; rather, they get to hear about it from a distance, watching the journey from afar and seeing the pups we’ve loved from the moment they were born growing into the dogs we dream of and changing the lives of others in ways we can’t POSSIBLY imagine as hard as we might try. We hear bits and pieces, we watch facebook posts to see how they are doing, and we catch glimpses of them as they grow if we are lucky.

For me, the L litter gave me more opportunities than I could have ever hoped for in following their journey!  I heard the stories while they were in the prison program and got to meet their inmate handlers; I got to see them with their puppy raisers and long-term fosters while they were in training, I got to say hi to them on occasion and give them some love from their whelping mom-and I watched their journeys unfold.

One was career changed and gets to live a wonderful life with a family that loves him; One is in the breeding program and hopefully one day very soon we will hear that she will be a mama herself; two are currently in final training locally; two are in other programs (Canada and California) and will hopefully be finishing up their formal training soon; and ONE of them is going home with his forever person TODAY! He’s made the long journey, he’s passed the tests along the way, and he’s ready to start the journey of his lifetime!

Today is the most special of days that rarely we get to experience-but when all of the stars align and if you are exceedingly fortunate you get a glimpse into what the once little ball of fur that couldn’t see or hear gets to do change the world! This is the day that makes the work, the time, the stress, the sleepless nights, the endless laundry, the weeks of no life, the brain exhaustion, the challenges, the illnesses, the vet appointments, surgeries, emergencies, and everything else just melt away as if it never existed for those who volunteer to help bring assistance puppies to their final life point! Breeding fosters, Whelping homes, Great Starts, Puppy Raisers, long-term Fosters, Prison Programs, and all of the volunteers in between!

Liam snuggling with his human under the table at lunch!

Down the road there’s a graduation-but that is months after the dog is placed.  TODAY is when everything culminates into that PERFECT combination and you can FEEL the earth shift on its axis almost.  You KNOW that this dog will change the course of their person’s life, of that there’s no doubt!  It’s NOW, it’s HERE, it’s TODAY, and it’s AMAZING.

Love comes in many shapes and sizes-but this kind of love, commitment, bond, and energy supersedes the love we talk about in general terms.  THIS dog, THIS person, THIS moment…..

The pages of the past have been written, but the pages of the future hold no bounds.  The journey isn’t always a straight one; but with time, energy, hope, and a little bit of faith it is a journey worth having!  Sometimes we don’t know how we arrived at this place, and sometimes we’ve had to endure a bit of sadness and disappointment.  But then we look at where we are and we can’t imagine not having this moment that is presenting itself right in front of us, waiting for us to seize it and run with it full of joy and laughter.

Turning the Page-Starting Again

On July 2nd Sugar was officially retired from the Breeder Program and by July 23rd I wrote a blog saying Sugar would be starting her new journey towards becoming a Certified Therapy Dog.  After only 21 days in retirement, it had become obvious to both Sugar and I that she was meant to make people happy and although she was doing that, she was capable of much more!

Sugar has always loved riding along in the car, visiting a variety of restaurants, schools, memory care centers, and nursing homes-spreading her joyful personality wherever she went!  So, it seemed only natural to pursue therapy work as her next step.

So, we went back into training mode; slowly but surely I tried to remind her of all of the skills we had been working on for the last 3 years!  She had spent more time raising puppies and less time learning skills so things were rusty to be sure!  Her sits were sloppy, her “leave its” were almost non-existent and not interacting with other dogs seemed offensive to her-she wants every dog she encounters to be her best friend 🙂

We continued to train and I have to admit I had my doubts; we signed up for a testing evaluation months ago and finally today arrived.  I wasn’t sure she had learned everything she needed to pass the test and I had heard that the evaluator we had was a tough one-things would not be overlooked and you would only get one shot to prove your worth. I decided we would go into the testing with the thought that it would be a great starting point, and if we didn’t pass then we would know what was left to keep working on.

The testing site was 1 1/2 hours away.  I knew the ride itself would take Sugar off of her game as she typically likes to run around and smell everything after a long car ride.  I decided my best bet was to stop part way there and get her out at Cabela’s for a walk through the store where we could work on her distractions, being around kids, and general smells that she needed to ignore.  She wanted to greet everyone-fish, the animals in the display like the polar bear and raccoon, the kids running through the store and the other dogs.  I shrunk a bit in disappointment because her behavior wasn’t boding well for the possibility of a successful testing day.  My nerves started to increase and I got her back in the car to finish the long drive.

Sugar was trying to make friends with the fish she met…..she made people smile with her interest in the fish!

During the final part of my drive, my frustration was increasing.  I had worked hard trying to give Sugar all of the skills she would need for this test and I was disappointed at the thought that she might not show the evaluator what a great fit she would be for therapy dog work.  I resigned myself to the fact that the 3-hour round-trip drive may not get us any closer to my hopes.  As we were just about 2 miles from the testing location, out of the blue came a large adult bald eagle. It came from the driver’s side and flew next to my car for a good 5 seconds!  I’m not sure why, but it just felt like the bird gave me an immediate sense of peace about the situation and my nerves eased.  It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right moment!

We got there a bit early so I worked with Sugar outside of the facility to try to get her brain engaged.  She was not having any of it though!  As people came out from the first testing time I checked in with them to see how it went.  Two people were dismissed-their dogs had given a low growl when they saw a dog across the room and they were not allowed to participate any further.  The owners were devastated.

Finally, it was our group’s turn to go into the facility and take a shot at passing the exam! There are two phases to the test and 13 separate testing requirements. Some of the testing portions were similar to what we had trained as a service dog in training, and others were not.  In one, Sugar had to watch me leave the room for one minute, and when I came back in again she couldn’t rush to me-she had to remain calm and not advance.  Another one was what I call the food and toy gauntlet; In service dog class we may have had one or two items that were very tempting on the floor that we had to pass by; in this test the floor was FULL of temptations!  Squeaky toys, elk antlers, bones, balls…..and then the evaluator put down jelly beans on the floor and then a handful of skittles.  In the end, to add insult to injury, she opened a fresh bag of YUMMY salmon dog treats, placing them on the floor directly in the path of the dog.  Sugar decided that she WANTED whatever was in that delicious bag! That was our do or die moment! I just didn’t think she would be able to resist the temptation.  I didn’t realize it at that moment, but that wasn’t even the worst of it.  In addition to having to go through the food and toy gauntlet twice, at the end was a person in a wheelchair who was holding the full bag of yummy treats and it was her job as part of the testing to lean the bag of treats forward right into the nose of the dog and ask if the dog would like some treats!  While I declined the offer, Sugar overruled me and wanted to let me know that “Yes, I do want some treats and you are not making good decisions for me!” in no uncertain terms! I thought that this was the moment that we would fail, and she would gently excuse us to leave the testing procedure.  To my surprise, Sugar regained her composure at the last available second and went into a sit and avoided the treat. I gave a sideways glance towards the evaluator to learn mine and Sugar’s fate-and it was enough to let us continue.

We went through the rest of the testing and finally, it was time for the evaluator to inform us of our fate-WE PASSED!  A flood of relief came over me and I resisted the urge to tear up.  It was going to happen. Sugar and I would be a Therapy Dog team!!!!

In the near future when we receive her Therapy Dog bandana and kit from the organization, we will be ready and waiting to determine who she will be able to visit and help!  There are so many places that can use the real gift of engaging with a dog that the possibilities are endless!

We had to have a couple of celebrations afterward!  A quick visit to one of her whelping homes to tell them in person of her accomplishment and then off to a human/dog party where she got to play with friends and meet one of her grandaughters (Quince)!

Visiting one of her whelping homes to deliver the good news in person on the way home!

5 dogs, 3 breeds! Happy pups!

Sugar and her grandpup!

She was meant to be a Therapy Dog, and I can’t wait to see the people she helps along the way!!

How fitting this quote is for her journey!

Return To The Basics

We don’t always need a profound new insight. Often, we just need to be reminded of the basics — the lessons we’ve already learned.

The dogs were obviously exhausted from their playdate! They impressed all of us with their ability to relax in an active environment!

Sugar’s New Journey!


I think everyone who knows Sugar and who knows me had no doubt that “being retired” just meant no more babies for her, but it definitely didn’t mean her work was done!

Krackle and Sugar enjoying a beautiful summer day together!

So, this fall, Sugar and I will be working and practicing to be able to pass the exam that will allow her to become a Certified Therapy dog and hopefully we will be a team for a different mission-helping kids, those who are ill, the elderly and others find joy in the simple things like petting, talking and reading to a dog!

Sugar didn’t feel like picking up her toys today-and it’s not a task she needs to learn now, so they just stayed on the floor…..

I have no doubt that once Sugar gets into this new career she will be fabulous at it!  She won’t have an opportunity to test until this fall but once we get further along in the journey I will definitely update her blog to let everyone know how it’s going!  We will bring you along on the adventure……

Holly with Sugar May 2018

We are ready for our next adventure together-learning to be a Certified Therapy Dog Team! 

The Big Long Wait…And Time for a Celebration-Part 2

So, Sugar finally arrived at our home on July 22, 2015, and we nervously prepared for the birth of her first litter.  And before I knew it I was embarking on a journey that would surpass anything I had imagined more than 3 years and counting!

Sugar delivered her very first litter, and they were ALL girls!  6 girls to be exact!  2 I had to resuscitate 2 due to being separated from their placentas but all were beautiful.  2 yellow labs and 4 black labs.  Soon they were given a “litter name”-and they were officially “The Spice Girls”.  They were going to be given names that loosely represented spices-so the organization named them Clover, Poppy, Saffron, Nutmeg, Sage, and Cayenne. (Any guesses as to which one was the rambunctious, spicy one????)

Sugar’s whelping adventures continued, some with more difficulty then others-with her 2nd litter (the C litter), 3rd litter (the L litter), 4th litter (the Z litter) and finally her 5th litter (the N litter). Along with the puppies listed above, she had Cosmo, Crush, Carmen, Lola, Lyric, Liam, Leonard, Lizzie, Linus, Logic, Zip, Zag, Zing, Zoom, Newton, Nana, Nino, Norton, Nesa, Natalie and Nelson.  You may think that puppies are all the same, but all of these puppies were unique and individual and whelping homes hold a special place in their heart for each and every puppy that they are able to be the foundation for~her puppies are spread across the globe, making a difference for countless people and her legacy will continue for many years to come!

I whelped 3 of Sugar’s litters and she had wonderful, loving whelping homes for the other two litters.  Yet one more example of how many hands touch the lives of these assistance dogs in training!  If I invited all the people who had a role in Sugar’s life or the life of her puppies I would easily fill a large room!

Sugar Sires

Sugar and the Sires in her life!

Spice Girls Family Page

The Spice Girls litter

C litter april 2016

2nd litter-the C’s

Z litter family tree

4th Litter-The Z’s

N litter family tree

5th litter-the N’s

L litter Family Tree

3rd litter-the L’s

So, how did Sugar start her life? Interestingly enough, I’ve been able to have email communications with some of the people who were involved in her life prior to her coming to Minnesota when she was with Guiding Eyes!  I have been able to learn a bit about her life before I knew her and it’s been so wonderful to be able to create the full picture of who she is as a dog and companion, as well as those she has had the privilege to live and play with!

I got to learn about some  of her personality traits, behaviors and what she spent her time doing as a puppy and young dog.  How she loves the heat-whether it’s laying in the sun or snuggling RIGHT up to the portable heat units people use under their desks; how she played the role of a sheep in a Christmas play; how her quiet and dedicated spirit captured the hearts of many along the way; and how her direction changed and she arrived in Minnesota to be a breeder dog for Can Do Canines, providing so many offspring to change the lives of people around the world.  She had people she loved and they loved her!  This is what has made me understand a bit better about the “letting go” part of volunteering for an organization of assistance dogs. (Full disclosure-that doesn’t make it easier for me to say goodbye, but I do understand it!) When I saw how Sugar adapted once she got to our home and how we adore her and she loves us, I realize that dogs are very capable of loving others after us, and that’s okay!

Sugar's litter picture

Although as first glance you may think this is Sugar with a litter of her puppies, but this is actually Sugar’s mom-and Sugar is the one in the front foreground with the pink collar(with her name Sugar on it)! This is where her assistance dog journey began at Guiding Eyes!

If you click on the various photos below you will see a caption:) These are some of the photos shared with me by those who have loved Sugar since she was a puppy!

This is one of the things I love about volunteering-I am not the only one who loves one particular dog!  All of us have connections and a piece of our heart with a variety of dogs, and the dogs get the opportunity to have many people who love them along the way! How lucky are they to have so many rooting them on and loving them????  Sugar wouldn’t be NEAR the wonderful dog she is if she hadn’t had outstanding people along the way that cared for her, taught her, loved her and wanted the best for her.  Each person who touches the life of a dog adds one more brick to the foundation of their success and personality, and without each of those bricks they just couldn’t be the dog that they are! I am forever grateful to those who had a part in Sugar’s life!

So, what’s in her future? She’s only 5 years old, so in Part 3 I will share some of my ideas for this wonderful, loving, and kind dog!!!!! 

The Big Long Wait…and Time for a Celebration-Part 1

retirement on a bench

While she has spent a few years learning to be under the benches and chairs as part of her training, as a retired girl she just may be spending some time ON the benches now! 

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 is a fabulous day for me!  Yesterday is the day that I received the final paperwork and approval for the adoption of Sugar to our family!!!  We are absolutely thrilled that Sugar is ours and we can’t wait to enjoy her retirement with her!!!!  What is next in her future?  How will she spend her retirement?  I decided before I thought about her future that I would first reflect on her past that brought her to us in the first place.

On June 9th, 2015, I received word from Can Do Canines that they had received an email from Guiding Eyes and there was a possible breeding dog from their program available to them.  They asked if I was interested and up for the task of having a breeding program dog in my home, and to let them know once I thought about it.  It had been a tumultuous year; my father passing away from Alzheimer’s, a family member having serious medical issues that required 2 months of intensive care and hospital visits around the clock, and having to deal with the loss of a program dog that I was unbelievably attached to from unexpected complications of Lyme’s disease.  Honestly, I just wasn’t sure I had “enough” of what it would take to have another program dog in our home. The questions swirled around in my head like a blur – “Could I keep my emotions intact to have another dog that wasn’t mine and not get too attached?”, “Was my heart ready for another investment of time, energy and love?”, “What would happen to the dog if it wasn’t able to be a successful breeder and could I deal with the disappointment?”, “Would the worry outweigh the joy?”

Sugar in her Guiding Eyes harness

This is the very first picture I got of Sugar when she was at her first organization.  Here she is in her harness out in New York.

After talking with my husband about it (who knew there really was no decision to be made, that I just had to realize the answer was yes all along:) we said yes to a dog named Sugar! We had a little apprehension but knew that this was another opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others by providing a breeding home for a program dog.  We had whelped two personal litters and were even toying with the idea of being a whelping home, but figured that a breeding home foster was a good compromise! A breeding foster keeps the dog in the home including during the breeding, vet appts., ultrasound and x-rays until one week or so prior to the due date when they move into their official whelping home. So, some volunteers are breeding foster homes, some are whelping homes, and some are both!  I think everyone was well aware that it was only a matter of time before I realized what they already knew – that there was no way I was going to be a breeding home without jumping in with both feet and becoming a whelping home too!  There was just too much about puppies that I loved!

And the good news was that she was already bred while she was in New York the week prior, so all we had to do was to wait and see what the ultrasound would reveal during the week of July 4th!

Unfortunately there were some cases of kennel cough in the program and one of our temporary foster’s contracted it and passed it along to our daughter’s family dog who began showing symptoms on July 3rd-so while we were planning to get Sugar after the holiday, take her to her ultrasound and move her into our home, things didn’t go as planned.  It seemed like unusual, unexpected events were the norm for me that year, and disappointment continued with a delay that could be weeks or months in the making.  There was no way we could move a possibly pregnant dog into a home that had been exposed to kennel cough or it could be detrimental to the puppies that she could possibly be carrying.

And my life and plans weren’t the only one that had to change-this meant that Sugar had to remain somewhere else for an undetermined amount of time; would my house be ready in time for puppies if she was pregnant? Where would she go if it wasn’t?  Who would be available to whelp a litter of puppies at the last minute and change their life for 8 weeks??

So, I swallowed my disappointment and it was determined that the Director of Training would bring her to her ultrasound while she was being fostered with her during this time.  Then I got the call from her after the ultrasound saying she had a belly full of pups and her due date was in August!  I was over the top excited and I think it was right then and there that my whelping journey and desire began! The due date was estimated as August 9th, but Guiding Eyes had put August 2nd as her due date so we had a range to work with! With the first hurdle being cleared, we had to just figure out how to tackle the second hurdle of the kennel cough clearing.

We had 3 dogs that had been exposed in our family, so we had to wait until the set time after all coughing had stopped and then verify that none of the other dogs were showing any signs of coming down with it for a set amount of time to make sure that all opportunities were gone for Sugar and the pups to be exposed unnecessarily. That also meant sanitizing both our cabin and home on every surface imaginable to prevent anything from being a concern. For those who know me, they are well aware that for these things I don’t leave ANYTHING to chance!  Dog beds, bedding, floors, dog toys, leashes, crates……everything my mind could POSSIBLY think would be contaminated got disinfected, and that was basically everything.  I think that I was in hyperdrive as well because of the unusual circumstances of the other dog in our home that we lost to Lyme’s disease.  For almost every dog that contracts the disease, there is a treatment protocol that typically takes care of the issues and most dogs can live a full life after diagnosis. But since the unusual and extremely rare events unfolded then, my mind was sure that this was yet another case ready to rear its ugly head and I was going to do everything possible to prevent any opportunity for an illness in my home.

And so it went. Waiting. Hoping. Wating some more.

FINALLY, the kennel cough had cleared and it was time to start making arrangements to bring Sugar to our home!  It was determined that Wednesday, July 23, 2015 would be her move in day. I had approximately 10 days to get to know this new girl, clear my schedule for the next 8 weeks, get our house ready for a litter of puppies, and begin a journey of whelping assistance puppies!

Below is a  look into some of the communication that we had figuring out all of the moving pieces of Sugar’s beginning with the organization-some snippets for humor’s sake:


Wait for it……YEP! I have questions!!!! 🙂

  1. Her weight when she arrived; her latest weight that’s been recorded
  2. Her Birthdate
  3. Any info on the number of siblings, etc.?
  4. I discussed with staff about any restrictions during pregnancy,  but if there is anything else you think I should know?
  5. Did you find anything while she was with you that she enjoyed playing with?  Balls, bones, ropes????

Okay, enough for now. 🙂


Training Director:
I would have been worried about you if you didn’t have any questions 😉


Also, I think I may have figured why she is whining/barking!  We have been watching her and trying to pinpoint when she is barking what it may mean-she is barking/whining when we are sitting down, but every time we bring her out she goes to the bathroom right away.  Is it possible that this is one of the trained behaviors of a seeing-eye dog-that since people may not be able to SEE her need to go outside that she has to alert them in another way?  After she comes in she’s fine, lays down and no more barking or whining. (Although she does try to sneak up on the couch in our laps!)  If you happen to talk to the organization, I would LOVE to find out if this is one of the trained methods!

Director of Training: 


I can tell you for sure that the whining/barking isn’t a trained thing. The staff person that had her prior to shipping her to us warned me about it. She thought it was tied to wanting attention as well.

Sidenote: (What I found out once I got to know her is that her whining and barking was because she is ALWAYS hungry!  And that with only a few weeks to go, whining and barking was her way of telling me that she did NOT approve of the amount of food she was getting…. :))

our very first day with Sugar

Our very first day (and first hour) with Sugar!





Day 81 – Continuing the Journey of a Lifetime, 11 Weeks in the Making!

It’s been an emotional 7 days in our household with a variety of different “Sugar news”.  Last Tuesday, it was time for Sugar to be spayed and begin her journey of smelling the roses!  In the very near future, she will be retired and we will be adopting her!  She is well known and liked at the Vet Hospital due to her litters, and the cutest thing I heard was when the news was spreading amongst staff that Sugar was in for a spay one of the staff came up to me and said: “What do you mean, no more Sugar Cubes????”  After a good chuckle, I told her no, it was time for Sugar to turn that over to the younger pups in the program!

The spay didn’t go as well as we had hoped.  Due to her C-sections and litters, she had a bit more of a complicated surgery.  It was a long night at our house with her.  As the night became early morning and we still weren’t seeing the progress we had hoped, it became evident early the next morning that continued medical care was needed. Unfortunately, there was some unexpected internal bleeding which required her to return back to the vet for an additional procedure the next morning, some extra medications, and observation. She came back to our home on Thursday after her extended stay and has been recuperating while we spoil her rotten and get her back on the road to long walks, fun playdates and some great exercise in the not so distant future.

So it was wonderful to have a fun and rewarding time to play with adorable Sugar Babies tonight and unwind from an otherwise stressful week!

Seriously, how do you resist such an adorable face??

Today was the special opportunity that many whelping homes wait for patiently – the evening to see “their” puppies after they are away at the Duluth prison!  They left around 6 weeks and now this N litter of Sugar’s is over 11 weeks old-the 7 pups have been away for almost half of their life and I couldn’t get to the facility quick enough for my play date with them! It felt like when my girls returned from college!

Norton offering his best sit on command!

When I arrived they were just getting taken out of the vehicle.  Then they were corraled over to the training room where my husband and I would have the opportunity to play with them for about 45 minutes prior to their great start and puppy raiser families arriving to come to pick them up.  Tonight would be their first official time away from their littermates.  They spent time away from their siblings at night when they were all with different handlers, but they got multiple opportunities to play with them during the days while they were there.  The first two weeks they still had Sugar there with them and the last 3 weeks they had the comfort of their other 6 siblings.  They’ve been busy learning while they’ve been there, but that doesn’t mean that tonight won’t still be a tough adjustment for them!  I will be curious to hear how the evening, the overnight and tomorrow go for these wonderful puppies!

While I thoroughly enjoyed playing with them, about halfway through I had to step away and detach a bit.  This litter, in particular, I was a bit sad because I knew it was the last litter Sugar would have, so this goodbye seemed a bit more emotional and final than I had prepared myself for.  I wanted this to be a happy celebration for these puppies who are going to do amazing things during their lifetime and I didn’t want that to be lessened by me falling apart into a puddle of tears, so that meant I needed to step away from the “playing” and observe a bit more from distance.  Over the years I’ve learned a bit more about controlling those emotional stepping stones(but I’m still terrible at it!); I’m not sure if it’s because you get used to it, or you start learning how to protect your heart a bit more from the emotions of the experience.

You never get tired of seeing your whelping litters

Using a “settle” to keep this pup quiet during some of the filming from the news station

After the litter drank the WHOLE bowl of water, those eyes were expectantly looking for more!

The puppies were having a great time with the space and the toys

And as I was playing and watching the puppies, I started seeing the anticipatory faces of the volunteers who were coming to pick their new “adventure” up through the observation windows!  I thought back to the time when I was the one picking up a puppy to puppy raise and how excited I was for the new opportunity I was embarking on!  I can’t believe how many years have passed since that first experience, but my heart feels like it’s been way more than 6 1/2 years!  It is FULL of experiences that 7 years ago I couldn’t have even imagined in my wildest dreams!  Happy, sad, funny, exhausting, overflowing with joy, amazed, scared, determined……Offhand I can’t think of any emotions that I haven’t experienced through the puppies that I have been so fortunate to have in my house whether it was for a short foster, a long-term foster, a great start, being a puppy raiser,  having a litter of puppies, or hosting a breeder dog (or two).  Each of them has taught me something that is now part of me and that I can’t separate from even if I wanted to

Ken enjoyed the opportunity to say hello again as well

Norton wanted to sit and watch the other puppies roughhouse, but he wanted to catch a quick rest rather than joining in!

The mirror in the training room is always a big hit when the puppies arrive!

So, with time, things change.  I get to say another goodbye and think of how my life will change again in the near future, with new and different adventures.  Soon, Sugar will be OURS and we will get to write a new future together!  I’m not sure what that future holds, but I know with Sugar by my side it will be amazing!

Right when we got home, Sugar went crazy when she smelled the puppies on me, grabbed a toy and looked at me like “where are they”??!  Due to her surgery last week, we had to try and keep her calm and quiet, but she was waiting to play with her puppies! 

Even though Sugar won’t be having any more puppies, I hope people will still read this blog!  Since the blog is called “Life of Sugar” we still have a lot of things to say!!!!  I think Sugar has many new things she will be enjoying!  Hopefully, the next post you see will be about her official retirement from the program!